The drone photography technology is currently being used very widely in many fields, especially in survey and surveillance. Aerial photography with drones has many advantages over previous aerial methods:
• Current drone devices can fly at many different altitudes. And with the ability to fly at altitudes below 300 meters or less, the drone shot will achieve high resolution.
• No drone image is also cloudy, a disadvantage that satellite imagery often suffers.
• Drone aerial image processing algorithm is always developed and innovated, helping to achieve high accuracy of ground image results.
Advances in technology make the drone affordable for site applications. Using Drones allows for faster, more economical execution. A reasonable drone program can provide accurate site information, web-based updates on progress and productivity, and other information to ensure quality and minimize risks. Site data is collected and turned into a 3D survey map via the website, full of navigation and measurable. Everything runs in a web browser, so it is possible to use many different devices to retrieve information.

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